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Here at the Washington Japanese Dolls and Craft school, students are taught various ancient Japanese doll and craft making techniques including Kimekomi, Gosho, Oyama, Warabe, Hagoita and Oshie. These techniques and styles have evolved over many centuries and these dolls and crafts play a significant role in Japanese culture even today.

Japanese tradition prescribes the doll hold fans, flowers, ornaments or other Japanese objects. Each doll usually represents a Japanese folk tale or a piece of history. They can be children, adults, even animals. Dolls made in this traditional way are not only very beautiful and popular, but they are also considered valued treasures among collectors.

Professor Akiko Keene

The instructor and proprietor, Professor Akiko Keene, is the only certified GAGO Master in the area, which enables her to certify her students. She teaches:

  • Kimekomi Doll Making
  • Gosho Doll Making
  • Oyama Doll Making
  • Warabe Doll Making
  • Hagoita Doll Making
  • Oshie Crafts

All the dolls and crafts kits are directly imported from Japan and she is the only authorized distributor in United States.

Professot Keene and her students participate in various cultural events and workshops to display their dolls and demonstrate their doll making skills. One of the main event is the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. Check our events sections to see the next event.

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